Penn State Worthington Scranton Graduates 210

Penn State Worthington Scranton held its 45th Commencement on Friday, May 3 during a ceremony in the campus' Multi-Purpose Building. 

Penn State Worthington Scranton Chancellor Mary-Beth Krogh-Jespersen, Ph.D. presided, and Maryla Scranton, Penn State Worthington Scranton alumna and advisory board president, delivered the commencement address. 

Mrs. Scranton was introduced by PSWS Advisory Board Vice Chair Dean Butler. Kathy Zielinski, campus alumni society president, offered the alumni charge to the new group of Penn State Worthington Scranton alumni.

Dr. H. Durell Johnson, associate director of academic affairs and an associate professor of Human Development and Family Studies, served as faculty marshal for the ceremony.

"On behalf of our entire campus community, I want to express how honored we are to be here tonight to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments and hard work of these graduating students," said Dr. Krogh-Jespersen. 

"We wish these students, now Penn State University alumni, all the best as they leave here to pursue their future endeavors, and we take great pride and pleasure in knowing that we have provided them the tools they need to meet the career and academic challenges that await them."

During her commencement address, Mrs. Scranton shared her love of her alma mater, saying, "I love Penn State and will always be grateful to the faculty who put up with me and taught me so much. They prepared me well.  . . . but I'll share with you some of the most important things I've learned along the way, so far, and they pertain to both my professional and my personal life."

"Life is about making choices," Mrs. Scranton said.

"When you walk out that door tonight, you're going to have to make some very important choices?.Now it's time to make the choice! Stay focused and go for it! Work very, very hard toward that goal and leave no stone unturned," she advised.

She also encouraged the students not to be afraid of failure.

"Fear will ruin your life; failure won't. Failure provides opportunity to learn. It's one of the best graduate schools you will ever attend," she said. "When you fail, which everyone does from time to time, pull yourself up and start again."

She also told the new alumni to never stop working on themselves, never give up, and to strive for balance in their lives.

Penn State Worthington Scranton granted baccalaureate degrees in American Studies; Business; English; Human Development and Family Studies; Information Sciences and Technology; Letters, Arts and Sciences; Nursing; Science; and Elementary and Kindergarten Education.

Associate degrees were awarded in:  Building Engineering Technology; Business Administration; Human Development and Family Studies; Information Sciences and Technology; Letters, Arts and Sciences; and Nursing.

Several students graduated with honors of distinction. 

Graduating with Highest Distinction:  Nevin F. Balliet, Scranton; Christopher C. Hunt, Pocono Summit; Allison F. Miller, Greentown; Glenn R. Owens, Sr., Taylor; and Amy C. Smith, Factoryville.

Graduating with high distinction: Katherine A. Dibello, Roaring Brook Twp.; and Kirsten I. Stevens, Forty-Fort.

Graduating with distinction:  Marykay J. Cirba, Scranton; Diana K. Kloss, Clifton Twp.; William T. Rosar, Jermyn; Kristy B. Snyder, Factoryville; and Bonita L. Urzen, Jessup.

The following Penn State Worthington Scranton 2013 graduates, by Penn State college and degree earned are:

Bachelor of Arts, American Studies:  Richard J. Barnoski, Taylor; Maura J. Brazil, Scranton; Michael F. Mandarano, Scranton; Mark D. Matthews, Jr., Moosic; and Jeremy P. Spear, Clarks Summit.


Associate in Engineering Technology, Building Engineering Technology:  Justin G. Vislocky, Peckville.


Associate in Science, Business Administration: Marykay J. Cirba, Scranton; Brad M. Cristiano, Old Forge; Robert J. Dorson, Greenfield Twp.; Craig M. Ellefsen, Dickson City; Sean M. Fluette, Scranton; Glenn R. Owens, Sr., Taylor; and Manuel Uribe, Kingsley.


Bachelor of Science, Business:  Michael J. Andrews III, Throop; Michael V. Baldauff, Dunmore; Brandon D. Berkosky, Dickson City; Carol A. Bestrycki, Scranton; Nusrat F. Bhuiyan, Old Forge; Christopher F. Burke, Scranton; Jeffrey C. Carpenetti, Scranton; Jonathan A. Ciuccoli, Scott Twp.; Walter T. Clark, Lake Ariel; Pasquale M. Cornacchia, Lakeville; Harry R. Curnow IV, Carbondale; Lindsey A. Drazba, Scranton; David C. Ecker, Dunmore; Ryan F. Ehnot, Dunmore; Stephanie L. Erb, Mayfield; Kevin A. Fabiano, Tannersville; Joseph J. Gibbons, Scranton; Travis A. Gill, Browndale; Alfred W. Gillette, Scranton; Joshua J. Grabowski, Scott Twp.; Tara R. Grabowski, Scott Twp.; Ryan W. Holleran, Susquehanna; Thomas J. Jones, Scott Twp.; Casey J. Judge, Taylor; Christopher A. Krouchick, Jr., Scranton; Lindsay Kuchinski, Moosic; Nicole M. Lynch, Greenfield Twp.; Meghann C. Lyons, Nicholson; Cody D. Moyle, Waymart; Oluyomi A. Ojo, Scranton; Rinal S. Patel, Scranton; Zalak D. Patel, Scranton; Matthew D. Patterson, Hughestown; Matthew D. Rader, Scranton; Kevin P. Rainey, Dunmore; Nichole A. Ryder, Scranton; Jinal M. Shah, Scranton; John H. Shultz, Jr., Dunmore; David L. Thomas, Scranton; Sarah E. Todary Michael, Scranton; Nicole K. Tokash, Scott Twp.; Amy J. Trochinsky, Peckville; Michael A. Viola III, Dunmore; Jonathan E. Washo, Clarks Summit; Jeffrey A. Williams, Scott Twp.; and Annastauszia T. Zaikowski, Scranton.


Bachelor of Arts, English:  Megan B. Lucas, Scranton; and Lindsay N. Roth, Scranton.


Associate in Science, Human Development and Family Studies:  Alicia K. Basalyga, Clarks Summit; and Helen R. Cobb-Shifler, Waymart.


Bachelor of Science, Human Development and Family Studies:  Britt M. Ackerman, Lakeville; Jennifer L. Aniska, Taylor; Brittany M. Baker, Moosic; Heather J. Brayya, Carbondale; Diane C. Bridges, Jessup; Brittany L. Budzinski, Jefferson Twp.; Margaret A. Cadden, Scranton; Angela F. Capone, Dunmore; Breanna L. Cawley, Dunmore; Katherine A. Dibello, Roaring Brook Twp.; Arielle L. Fallas, Archbald; Geraldine Ferrer, Tobyhanna; Stephanie M. Ficarro, Susquehanna; Casey Grow, Clarks Green; Monica R. Hamilton, Gouldsboro; Jessica Ingersoll, Olyphant; Abigail A. Kakareka, Madisonville Twp.; Amanda A. Lilik, Dickson City; Colleen G. Loughney, Dunmore; James J. Lovallo, Scranton; Stephanie J. McLaughlin, Scranton; Joseph J. McTague, Scranton; Holly J. Morgan, Taylor; Kaitlin M. Munley, Scranton; Amy C. Smith, Factoryville; Kimberly B. Smith, Factoryville; Kirsten I. Stevens, Forty-Fort; Nicole F. Valenti, Jefferson Twp.; and Alyssa A. Washo, Scranton.


Associate in Science, Information Sciences and Technology:  Chad M. Griffith, Dickson City; and Kristy B. Snyder, Factoryville.


Bachelor of Science, Information Sciences and Technology:  Jonathon E. Bobola, South Abington Twp.; William D. Chimel, South Abington Twp.; Cody L. Cooper, Clarks Summit; Matthew J. Evans, Jessup; Matthew R. Gosselin, Old Forge; Christopher C. Hunt, Pocono Summit; Marcus R. LeDoux, Tobyhanna; Jonathan S. Mall, Simpson; Joseph C. Molnar, Nicholson; Christopher C. Pacheco, Swiftwater; Paul E. Propert II, Susquehanna; William T. Rosar, Jermyn; Dominic M. Serra, Moscow; Alicia Setzer, Roaring Brook Twp.; Vedish G. Shah, Scranton; Eryk Skowronski, Dickson City; Earl T. Sohns, Scranton; and James W. Watson, Jr., Throop.


Associate in Arts, Letters, Arts and Sciences:  Fariha Abdul Quddus, Scranton; Brenda J. Antidormi, South Canaan; Alyssa N. Butler, Madison Twp.; Natasha E. Butler, Jefferson Twp.; Christopher R. Kern, Clarks Summit; Christina Munley, Scranton; Arpita A. Patel, Scranton; Angelia R. Petrillo, Scranton; Erin H. Walsh, Olyphant; and Robert J. Zenzal, Scott Twp.


Bachelor of Arts, Letters, Arts and Sciences:  Nevin F. Balliet, Scranton; Viviana J. Barbitta, Hawley; Rachel S. Burnis, Forest City; Michael E. Fallo, Jefferson Twp.; Megan E. Harrington, Scranton; Stephen P. Pigga, Dunmore; and Amoriah L. Tremko, Taylor.


Associate in Science, Nursing:  Edrees Abdul Latif, Scranton; Bhumika M. Amin, Scranton; Alyssa L. Antonio, Old Forge; Tara L. Bassi, Roaring Brook Twp.; Jennifer E. Carper, Clarks Summit; Amy M. Charnetski, Old Forge; Nicole A. Chrysler, Clarks Summit; Nicholas J. Chulock, Bloomsburg; Elisabeth A. Cohen, Clarks Summit; Marissa Curtin, Scranton; Megan M. Davis, Lake Ariel; Christina M. Eboli, Dunmore; Alyssa Marielle B. Fabi, Dunmore; Lea Ann Fallon, McAdoo; Julia V. Fox, Waymart; Lindsey M. Gorniak, Scranton; Amber M. Gurke, Archbald; Deborah A. Howie, Scranton; Joanne Huddy, Dickson City; Jordyn E. Kelly, Scranton; Keren Khawaja, Hazleton; Ashley E. Krajewski, Throop; Maryrose Krzemieniecki, Narrowsburg; Kristen L. Lininger, Duryea; Kimberly C. Long, Madison Twp.; Sarah R. Loych, Clarks Summit; Allison F. Miller, Greentown; Rachael O. Okafor, Moosic; Ayu F. Parry, Scranton; Lilli M. Price, Old Forge; Brittany M. Renzini, Jessup; Richard J. Rudden, Archbald; Lynn M. Salvati, Hawley; Sarah E. Schweinsburg, Waymart; Brittany A. Seigle, Madison Twp.; London N. Seigle, Madison Twp.; Colleen Silva, Gouldsboro; Patricia A. Snodgrass, Throop; Christina A. Tompkins, Drums; Anna Torbenko, Hazleton; Bonita L. Urzen, Jessup; Stephanie A. Walsh, Moscow; Angeline N. Wauran, Scranton; Marian C. Wojnarowski, Mayfield; Kristin E. Woody, Taylor; Kelly E. Worozbyt, Dunmore; Elizabeth A. Ziegler, Scranton; and Lisa A. Zornow, Peckville.


Bachelor of Science, Nursing:  Renee F. Blakiewicz, South Abington Twp.; Ashley L. Bortel, Dunmore; Rose Burti, Old Forge; Kathryn V. Celano, Archbald; Kelly B. Cooney, Scranton; Leslie M. Decker, Newfoundland; Allyson K. Favuzza, Madison Twp.; Michael D. Fowler, Jr., Scranton; Nicole A. Franceschelli, Avoca; Elizabeth A. Hoban, Old Forge; Melanie C. Keating, Dunmore; Allison E. Keeler, Scranton; Diana K. Kloss, Clifton Twp.; Kevin P. Kolodgie, Moosic; Christina M. MacDowell, Carbondale; Leah R. McCurdy, Wilkes-Barre; Michele Moskalczyk, Throop; Nicole A. Nahlen, Dunmore; Jane A. Osborn, Springville; Richard J. Robinson III, Scranton; Audrey S. Rocco, Throop; Sarahjean D. Seymour, Scranton; Mary J. Shillabeer, Falls; Dlaurie A. Siclari, Lake Ariel; Michael A. Stelma, South Abington Twp.; Nicole Stombaugh, Scott Twp.; Rebecca L. Strauss, Cumbola; Alexis A. Swencki, Lake Ariel; Alicia E. Tait-Novak, Scott Twp.; Amanda K. To, Scranton; and Justin J. Ware, Clifton.


Bachelor of Science, Science:  Christine H. Chicoski, Hawley.


Bachelor of Science, Elementary and Kindergarten Education: Michalena H. Rulis, Carbondale.