PSWS Chorale and Jazz Band's spring concert is April 26

The Penn State Worthington Scranton Chorale and Jazz Band, directed by Sharon Ann Toman, will present its Annual Spring Concert on Sunday, April 26 at 2 pm in the campus' Gallagher Conference Center (GCC).  The concert is free of charge and open to the public.  For further information, call 963-2696.

The WS Chorale consists of Worthington Scranton students, faculty and staff. 


Members of the WS Chorale are:  Andrew P. Adams, Laurel E Altemier, George Anyang, Abigail Beidler, Asialena M. Bonitz, Erika R. Cabrera, Adam D. Crimi, Nicole T. Defluri, Jessica Dizek, Madeline M. Drake, Julianna S. Dubee, Bridget A. Festa, Connor J. Fialko, Paul Frisch, Eileen Giovagnoli, Sue Harper, Meg Hatch, Christina R. Herne, Jiyoung Jung, Quinthus Y. Kemp Sr., Agnes Kim, Sarah M. Kocher, Jennifer M. Kokinda, Dianlin Li, Destiny R. Longworth, Kara L. Macclean, Nathanael J. MacIntire, Justin P. Malone, Judy Martino, Stephen Martino, David McDowell, Shantell McRae, Janet Melnick, Christopher A. Michaels, Alexandra J. Mosher, Jonathan Oneschuk, Aaron J. Panfini, Carol Reed, Allison A. Slate, Deb Smarkusky,, Jennifer M. Smith, Meela N. Smith, Simone O. Spence, Heather Taber, Katherine E. Torres, Cecily R. Vega, and Ciara K. Winston.


The Chorale will be singing a variety of traditional, pop, and Broadway choral songs.


The Roc[k]tet is a select group of singers from the WS Chorale consisting of:  Asialena M. Bonitz, Adam D. Crimi, Quinthus Y. Kemp Sr., Nathanael J. MacIntire, Justin P. Malone, Alexandra J. Mosher, Aaron J. Panfini, Meela N. Smith, and  Jennifer M. Smith.  The Roc[k]tet will be performing several special musical selections including:  Save the Last Dance for Me, Lucky, and You're the One that I Want from the stage production of Grease.


The WS Jazz Band consists of Worthington students and faculty:  Andrew P. Adams, Laurel E. Altemier, Austin J. Antoine, Jesse R. Apostolakes, Joseph D. Belfanti, Danielle R. Berghoff, Paul J .Cimino, Amber M. Delhagen, Noe Dominguez, Aubrey L. Edstrom, Milton Evans, Randall J. Kasorek Jr., Kyle R. Kocsis, Kara L. Macclean, Justin P. Malone, Christian J. Mazur, Christopher A. Michaels, Angelia M. Migliaccio, Thomas E Niuman, Tyler D. Osborne, Trevor R. Pawlik, Neil D. Petersen, Nicholas A. Saylock, Ashley N. Shepulski, Jennifer M .Smith, Meela N. Smith, Nicole A. Stefko, Christopher B. Stutzman, and Michael J. Tatulli.


The Jazz Band will be performing a very exciting musical program that includes a variety of jazz, pop classics, rhythm and blues, big band, and contemporary music. 


If you go:

What:  The Penn State Worthington Scranton Jazz Band and Chorale Concert

Where:  Gallagher Conference Center Building on the campus of Penn State Worthington Scranton

When:  Sunday, April 26 at 2 pm

Details:  Free of charge and open to the public.

For more information:  Call 570-963-2696