Services Provided

Strategic Communications offers a number of services with the goal of communicating a consistent verbal and graphic message with a wide range of diverse constituencies.

These services include media and public relations, marketing/advertising, website assistance, photography, social media coverage, digital sign design, and more.

To ensure the highest quality of work, please allow for a minimum of the specified lead times listed. The more notice, the better. All projects will be assessed, and if accepted, prioritized in relation to department workload and staffing.

News Articles (2-6 weeks notice)

News releases are sent to local media and, depending upon the nature of the story, regional news, specialized periodicals and newsletters.

Information should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event and should include:

  • Name of the event
  • Date
  • Time
  • Locations
  • Cost
  • Telephone number for more information
  • Short description of the event, and other pertinent information.

Make sure that you check the spelling of names and titles. Don't worry about using the correct news release format—the office will take care of that for you. Staff will write the release in the style that reporters and editors prefer and can use.

Please keep in mind that Strategic Communications cannot control what the newspapers print or what the television or radio stations choose to cover.

The chance for coverage is greatly increased when sufficient lead time is given for the story.

The choice of whether or not to cover the story is made by the editor of the newspaper, publication, or station.

Please note: not all story ideas will be accepted due to the volume of requests and editorial priorities. 

Photography (allow at least 2 weeks) 

Photo requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may depend on availability of Strategic Communications staff availability and determination of need for subject matter.

If photos are requested for marketing uses or official uses, or are large-scale events/areas, a professional photographer may be suggested. 

Last minute photo requests (i.e., "something is happening now and I need a photo," cannot be guaranteed and are not advised; exceptions may be made if there is staff availability, but the individual should be aware that they may be turned down or have to make other arrangements.

U.Ed. numbers/Editing (allow at least one week per document)

  • External promotional materials are required to meet Penn State editorial standards. They need to be reviewed for University images, style, branding, and accuracy. We may need to alter submitted copy to meet these specific guidelines.
  • U.Ed. numbers are required for all newly created materials, as well as existing materials each time a change is made to the content.
  • For more information on U.Ed. numbers, click here.

Digital Signage Request (allow at least 2 business days for pre-designed content; five business days for raw content)

  • Announcements, upcoming events, campus services, etc., can be publicized on campus using the digital signage screens located across campus.
  • Campus departments can submit pre-designed digital signs to be uploaded to the monitor, or simply submit raw content and have Strategic Communications create the sign.
  • If the content only needs to appear on one or specific monitors, please specify that in your request.

Website Updates (allow at least one week) 

  • Website updates include minor changes to existing pages on the Penn State Scranton website.
  • Larger projects, such as correcting major accessibility issues and creating new pages, will require additional time. Please allow at least 3 weeks for these projects.