Room and Event Services

Event Requests, Setups, and the Public Calendar

Follow steps below when holding an event on campus, or watch the training video.

Room Reservation and Setup 

Use the University’s 25Live system to reserve a room and add your event to the public calendar of events as far in advance as possible. 

Create Your Event and Select the Location(s)

  1. Log in to 25Live with your Penn State Access Account. Click the “Create an Event” button or “Event Form” to get started. Note: you might not have access to place requests for Penn State Scranton locations the first time you log in. New accounts are verified and given proper permissions within 24 hours of first logging in.
  2. Enter the basic details of your event. The “Event Name” field is for internal use, while the “Event Title Used for Published Calendars” is displayed publicly. Choose the Event Type that most closely matches and the Sponsoring Organization(s). Indicate how many are expected to attend.
  3. The “Promotional Information” field is necessary if you want your event displayed on the public events calendar. Information to include:
    • a short description of your event,
    • who may attend the event (is it open to the public? students only? faculty and staff?)
    • contact information
    • If this is a virtual event, specify that here
  4. Enter the Date and Time of the event.  Use the "Additional Time" banner for set-up or tear-down time before and/or after the event. This will create a buffer so the location will be available before and after. The actual start and end times are displayed publicly.
    • Additional occurrences can be added using the dates calendar or click "Repeating Pattern" for a series of occurrences.
  5. Choose your location(s) - search by typing a room number or building name or use keyword WS and press enter to view all locations
    • Use the More Options drop down to filter by category, features, etc.
    • Be sure to click "Request" next to your desired location(s).  You can request more than one. If the location has layout options, select one and/or type instructions in the box. Skip this section if your event is virtual or being held in a non-reservable location.
    • You can upload an attached file if you would like to include a picture or drawing of a layout, or any other file that would be helpful for the resource managers.

Post Event to Calendar

  1. To post your event to the public web campus event calendar, you must select it from the list of campus resources.  Use Keyword WS for a full list of resources.  Find "WS - Calendar - Campus Events Calendar" and hit "Reserve" to select it. 

Add IT or Maintenance Resources

  1. Choose other IT and/or Maintenance Resources you wish to request.  Consult the respective campus department with questions about their resources.

Complete the Request and Save the Event

Answer the remaining questions that may apply to your event.  Questions with a red asterisk are required.  Enter comments that would be helpful for the approvers.  Agree to the policy statement and click Save.

What's Next?

  • You will receive an email summarizing the locations and resources you have requested.  You can expect to receive a confirmation email when the locations and resources have been assigned.
  • Use the tabs to view Details, Occurrences, Task List (to view who is assigned to approve each location and resource). 
  • When you log back into 25Live your event will show up under Your Upcoming Events.


  • If you need assistance with your event request, please contact Business Services at 570-963-2514.
  • Contact Information Technology Support Services at [email protected] or call the Service Desk at 570-963-2551.

Find Additional training videos and details about 25Live.