Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)

Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC)

AFROTC is a nationwide program that allows students to pursue commissions (become officers) in the United Stated Air Force (USAF) while simultaneously attending college. AFROTC classes are held on college campuses throughout the United States and Puerto Rico; students can register through normal course registration processes.

AFROTC consists of four years of Aerospace Studies classes (Foundations of the USAF, Evolution of USAF and Space Power, Air Force Leadership Studies, and National Security Affairs/Preparation for Active Duty), and a corresponding Leadership Laboratory for each year (where students apply leadership skills, demonstrate command and effective communication, develop physical fitness, and practice military customs and courtesies).

College students enrolled in the AFROTC program (known as "cadets") who successfully complete both AFROTC training and college degree requirements will graduate and simultaneously commission as Second Lieutenants in the Active Duty Air Force.

The AFROTC program is currently offered at Wilkes University, but they have a crosstown agreement that allows our students to enroll in AFROTC and become full-fledged cadet participants. For more information on AFROTC course descriptions, please review


CATALOG WEB PAGE.  For more information on the AFROTC program, please contact [email protected] .

Army Reserve Office Training Corps (ROTC)

The Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) enables students to enroll in elective leadership and military courses at colleges and universities in addition to their required courses. Army ROTC provides individuals with the tools, training, and experiences they need to become Officers in the U.S. Army. The ROTC program is currently offered at the University of Scranton, and Penn State Scranton students can participate through their Military Science program. To learn more about Army ROTC, you can visit the Army ROTC website. For more information about the ROTC program at the University of Scranton, visit the University of Scranton's web page on ROTC and the official website of ROTC (Royal Warrior Battalion) at the University of Scranton. For more information on ROTC course descriptions, visit the University of Scranton's Military Science website.