Jiyoung Jung, Ph.D.

headshot of jiyoung jung
Associate Professor, Chemistry
Dawson Building, 212 E
Penn State Scranton
120 Ridge View Drive
Dunmore, PA 18512

Discipline Focus: Organic Chemistry Synthesis and Applications of Fluorescent materials


My research focuses on developing chemical sensors that can detect copper ions and other environmentally toxic ions. In my research lab a series of azo derivatives are prepared and their relative responses toward copper ion are investigated. 


  • Copper probe
  • Azo dye
  • Fluorescence Sensor
  • Pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Real-time monitor 


  • Development of colorimetric / fluorometric chemical sensor for heavy metal ions
  • Rapid turn-on fluorescence detection of copper(II):the electronic effects on the kinetic properties
  • Practical application in the field of metal-screening for pharmaceutical compounds 

Jung, J., Dinescu, A., & Kukrek, A. (2020). Synthesis and Comparative Kinetic Study of Reaction-Based Copper(II) Probes to Visualize Aromatic Substituent Effects on Reactivity. Journal of Chemical Education, 97(2), pp 533-537.  

Jung, J., & Jo, J. (2019). Residual Copper (II) Detection in Chemical Processes: High-throughput Analysis and Real-time Monitoring with Colorimetric Copper Probe. Organic Process Research & Development, 23(6), pp 1257-1261.  

Jung, J., Liu, W., Lee, D., & Kim, S. (2019). Redox-Driven Folding, Unfolding, and Refolding of Zigzag-Shaped Tetrathiafulvalene Molecular Switch. Journal of Organic Chemistry, 84(10), pp 6258-6269.  

Jung, J., Jo, J., & Dinescu, A. (2017). Rapid Turn-On Fluorescence Detection of Copper (II): Aromatic Substituent Effects on Response Rate. Organic Process Research & Development, 21, pp 1689-1693.  

Jung, J., Zirpoli, S., & Slick, G. (2017). Implementation of Computational Aids in Diels-Alder Reactions:  Regioselectivity and Stereochemistry of Adduct Formation. Journal of Computational Science Education, 8(1), pp 2-6.  

Jung, J., & Dinescu, A. (2017). Emission pathway switching by solvent polarity: Facile synthesis of benzofuran-bipyridine derivatives and turn-on fluorescence probe for zinc ions. Tetrahedron Letters, 58(4), pp 358-362.  

Chem 108 – Problem Solving in Chemistry
Chem 110 – Chemical Principles
Chem 112 – Chemical Principles II
Chem 113 – Experimental Chemistry II
Chem 130 – Introduction to General, Organic, and Biochemistry
Chem 212 – Organic Chemistry II