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Penn State Worthington Scranton

The gently rolling hills surrounding the Lackawanna Valley provide a scenic backdrop for the Penn State Worthington Scranton campus.

Worthington Scranton Admissions

Worthington Scranton Admissions video.

HDFS Student Testimonial

HDFS Student Testimonial

NSO 2017

This video is an overview of Penn State's financial aid process and is shown to first-year students and their families during New Student Orientation.

Invent Penn State

Envisioned as way to leverage the University’s size and broad research strengths to help drive job creation, economic development and student career success, Invent Penn State debuted with an introduction by President Eric Barron in January 2015.

All That We Are

Stand for State, Penn State’s bystander intervention initiative, recently asked students, faculty, and staff at all Penn State Campuses to explore what connects us as part of an interactive event called “All That We Are.”