Graduation Eligibility

Are you ready to graduate?

If you are ready to graduate at the end of the current semester, it will be necessary to take the following steps:

1. Meet with your Adviser 

  • Use LionPATH to view your Academic Requirements (Degree Audit) and review it with your Academic Adviser.
  • You should meet with your adviser during the semester prior to when you intend to graduate and ensure that you are on track to meet all degree requirements.
  • If you are missing course, credit, or grade requirements, you will NOT be able to graduate. 
  • You cannot graduate with missing or deferred grades. 

2. Apply for Graduation

  • It is your responsibility to notify the University of your intent to graduate.
  • To apply for Graduation, navigate to the following menu items from your LionPATH Student Center: Degree Planning and Progress -> Apply for Graduation.
  • Click Apply for Graduation and review your current program(s) and follow the steps until you see the confirmation message that you have successfully applied for graduation.
  • Contact the Campus Registrar at [email protected] (from your PSU email account) if you have any questions, problems, or if you miss the activation deadline.

3. Update Your Address

  • You will receive important graduation information in the mail, so it is imperative that your address is up to date in the LionPATH Student Center.

4. Check Graduation Status

  • To check your graduation status and update your diploma address navigate to the following menu items from your LionPATH Student Center: Degree Planning and Progress -> View Graduation Status.
  • Use the View Graduation Status to review and/or update your records.

5. Transfer your Credits

  • You should avoid taking classes at another institution during your intended semester of graduation. If you do, you MUST ensure that Penn State receives your grades on time. 
  • To inquire about graduation deadlines, please contact Allison Burns ([email protected]). 

Transfer credits should be sent to:
Undergraduate Admissions
Penn State University
201 Shields Building
University Park, PA 16804
[email protected]


Commencement Ceremonies Information

Spring 2024 Commencement is Saturday, May 4, 2024.  

Man wearing graduation hat and robe on stage in front of a podium. Stage party, people  seated behind him.