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The University Libraries Undergraduate Research Award: Excellence in Information Literacy award recognizes undergraduate research that showcases accomplished and exemplar information literacy skills. Students demonstrate these skills in a variety of ways, such as in a bibliography that captures the scholarly conversation in a field of study; in a literature review that contextualizes the student’s work within their discipline; or in the use of manuscript, archival, or other primary sources to conduct original research.

Our judging rubric evaluates students on the following categories:
-- research process, strategies, and selection of sources to support the research question and information on the importance of these sources, as space allows on the poster
-- source integration to understand the scholarly conversation on the topic and also to help influence the direction of the research project
-- attribution and consistent citations for any quotes, tables, graphs, photographs, and other content used in the poster that are not the student's own work
-- an understanding of the social, ethical, or economic considerations in accessing information and the student’s understanding of their role as an information producer

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