IT Fee Suggestion Form

Each semester, every student on campus pays a Technology Fee. This fee is used for keeping technology used by the students as current as is possible in support of our academic programs. Some examples for the use of the Technology Fee include networking projects that keep our Internet access capabilities working properly, upgrading hardware in student labs, upgrading software in student labs and providing equipment for students to use in the classroom. Part of your technology fee is used for funding technology infrastructure items, like inter-campus connections, dial-in capabilities, and connections to the Internet and library materials. Part of your fee is returned to the campus, where we can use the funds to support the academic programs and the students in those programs at Penn State Scranton.

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to identify technology initiatives that enhance our academic environment and bring value to our campus. Some examples of these types of technology initiatives are the upgrade of computer labs with new machines and software, the student media lab and the equipment available to students and the installation of the wireless network throughout the campus. If you would like to suggest a technology initiative or project that can benefit our students, please submit your ideas by completing the form below.

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