Chancellor Wafa and donor Tom Zenty pose with their scholarship recipients

Annual scholarship reception celebrates scholarship donors and student recipients

200 students at Penn State Scranton who received scholarships this year, thanks to the generosity of campus donors who sponsored a total of 227 scholarships totaling over $680,000.
By: Amy Gruzesky

DUNMORE, Pa. – There were 200 students at Penn State Scranton who received scholarships this year, thanks to the generosity of campus donors who sponsored a total of 227 scholarships totaling over $680,000. These scholarships come from a variety of private, corporate and University sources.

As has been tradition, a special reception was held for the donors and their recipients, giving students the opportunity to personally thank their benefactors, while donors were able to personally meet the students they are helping. This year’s reception was held on campus, providing donors who may not get to campus often the chance to visit the campus and meet their scholarship students in their college setting.

Attendees were also treated to a video featuring some of this year’s student recipients, sharing how receiving a scholarship has benefited them, and donors sharing the reasons why they chose to establish their scholarships.

Importance of Scholarships

Scholarship donors Bernie and Lynn Andreoli, Kate McAndrew, and Carl Weinschenk share the importance of education and what giving a scholarship means to them.

Also hear from student recipients Stan Ciborosky, Mahathir Mahbub, and Isabella Tousseull.  (Featured at the Penn State Scranton Scholarship Reception in 2023.)

Credit: Penn State Scranton

“On behalf of Penn State Scranton and our students who benefit from these scholarships, I want to say thank you” said Penn State Scranton Chancellor Marwan Wafa. “And to our students who are here with us tonight, congratulations. You have worked very hard to earn these scholarships.”

Wafa also encouraged donors who may not have been back to Penn State Scranton in recent years to take notice of the Library building, which is currently undergoing a massive $13 million renovation project that will expand the library’s space and footprint and create a larger and more modern  technologically advanced nursing facility for the campus’ nursing program.

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Penn State Scranton Scholarship recipients are:

Scholarships in Perpetuity:
Donald and Carol Lewis Ames Scholarship: David O’Connell and Corina White
Bernard P. and Lynn Andreoli Scholarship for Adult Learners: Brianna Graff
John and Patricia Atkins Scholarship:  Skye Smith
The Axford Family Scholarship: Thomas McIntyre
Sharon Baldassari Kornfeld Memorial Scholarship:  Briana Dawkins
Robert F. and Helen D. Beard Memorial Scholarship:  Amanda Delhagen
Margaret Briggs Memorial Scholarship:  Christian Dructor and Nicholas Lowe
Richard K. and Marianne Byron Open Doors Scholarship:  Anthony Hoffman, Isabella Muncie and Heather Slimak
Violet and Richard Byron Scholarship:  Rudolf Null
Al and Patti Cappelloni Trustee Scholarship:   Jacquelyn Scherer
Alfred P. (Fred) Ciotti Memorial Scholarship:  Dylan Ritzco and Gabriel Turnbaugh

Janet A. Cottone Memorial Scholarship in Nursing:  Morgan Sharff and Madelyn Grilz
Harry Dickstein Memorial Scholarship:  Aaron Phillips and Daniel Pak
Richard F. Dempsey Scholarship in Information Sciences & Technology:   Dhavalkumar Patel
David M. and Aleen F. Epstein Scholarship:  Haily Serpico
Eureka Scholarship:  River Backman, Marissa Lynch and Matthew Coggins
James D. and Margaret S. Gallagher Honors Scholarship:  Gabriel Turnbaugh
Gammaitoni-Ba James rnes Trustee Scholarship:  Jazmine Hamilton and Jessica Ree
P. and Catherine M. Gilligan Memorial Scholarship:  Samantha Cortazar and Gregory Harrington
Greater Scranton Jaycees Scholarship:  Jennifer Kuniegel
Greater Scranton Penn State Chapter Open Doors Scholarship:  Jaden Peacock, Marissa Lynch and Neena Beggin
Greater Scranton Penn State Chapter Scholarship:  Keegan Litts and Charles Bartlebaugh
Hahnemann/Geisinger Community Medical Center Nursing Alumni Trustee Scholarship:  Katie Zabrowski and Fagr Mahana
Dr. Jason J. Hanyon Scholarship:  Francesca Orellana
Elmer and Louise Hawk Scholarship:  Raphael Carvalho, Justin Clark, Connor Sheruda and Emma Winters
Hawk Family Foundation Open Doors Scholarship:  Neena Beggin, Vidhi Patel and Nicole Zehner
Marie D. and John T. Howe Memorial Scholarship:  Brooke Richardson
Frank and Jean Hubbard Scholarship:  Taylor Belknap, Abigail LaBadie, Miranda McLaferty, Melina Petrini, Zachary Rusnak, Isabella Touseull, Douglas Smith, Alexei Sorber and Timothy Zasada
Louis and Colleen Ingargiola Family Open Doors Scholarship:  Elizabeth Alin, Zoe Pickett and Khush Mistry
Jennings/McDonough Families Trustee Scholarship in Memory of Edward & Ann Jennings and “Big” Jim McDonough:  Celeste Juarez and Katrina Souryavong
Grace Keen Memorial Scholarship:  Abryel Johnson and Bridget Oppelt
Keystone Sanitary Landfill Scholarship:  Emily Deoliveira, Kylie Gallagher and David Magliocchi
Anita and George Lesho Memorial Scholarship:  Stanley Ciborosky and Kaylee Smith
Anne E. Lohmann Memorial Scholarship:  Victoria Petrosky
Albert J. and Catherine Magnotta Memorial Scholarship:  Zachary Hensel
Albert J. and Dorothy Lois Magnotta, Jr. Scholarship:  Ethan Garibaldi
Lester and Helen Male Memorial Scholarship:  Jeremiah Pauler
Joseph E. May Memorial Open Doors Scholarship:  Jaden Peacock and Zachary Rusnak
Joseph and Dorothy Schnerr Minelli Memorial Scholarship:  Jacob Karsnak
Gino and Jean Cavalieri Mori Scholarship:  Shanay Baker
Vittoria Ciuferri and Gabriella Zambetti Primo and Mori/Paul Robeson Memorial Scholarship:  Jermin Gilbert
Eugene C. (Jake) Mullen Memorial Scholarship:  Kourtney Franklin
Jacquélyn Nichols Memorial Scholarship:  Olivia Marinelli
Orr-Ryan Memorial Scholarship:  Maricon Saba
Clifford and Frieda Powell/William and Angela Freeman Scholarship:  Harpal Patel
Robert E. Quinnan Memorial Open Doors Scholarship:  Kaylynn Buonpastore, Justin Griffiths, Khush Mistry and Jaden Peacock.
The Rice-Butler Family Scholarship:  Andrew Ei-Kofron
Joan B. and Clayton A. Richmond Memorial Scholarship:  Hiral Patel
Mabel White Riker & Velma White Memorial Scholarship:  Ethan Maslowski
Stirling A. & Bess B. Riker and Frank & Cora (Dorney) White Memorial Scholarship:  Antonio Pugliese and Garrett Walsh
James & Margaret Rizzo Memorial Scholarship:  Caleb Milliron
Maria J. Russoniello Renaissance Scholarship:  Haily Serpico and Nicholas Crowley-Spisiak
Nicholas and Diane Scandale Scholarship:  Peter Macdonough
Schautz Family Scholarship:  Emily Beemer, David McKenney and Emma Winters
Scranton Chapter of UNICO:  Paige Liptai
Charles A. and Lola D. Sileo Memorial Open Doors Scholarship:  Swapnil Bhatt, Alexis Fumanti and Zachary Rusnak
James T. and Frances Skibinski Memorial Scholarship in Engineering:  Maroon Chalhoub
The Simpkins Family Open Doors Scholarship:  Johnnah Carr, Carissa James, Haley Leonard and Taylor Smith
William S. (Billy) Soose Scholarship:  Elizabeth Anolfo
Anthony and Linda Sorgi Trustee Matching Scholarship:  Ava Compton and Morgana Costanzo
Betty and Armond Strutin Memorial Scholarship:  Mahatir Mahbub
Christopher Sturchio Memorial Scholarship:  Qussai Odeh
The Times-Shamrock Scholarship:  Ashlyn Healey
James W. and Noel M. Thomas Family Open Doors Scholarship:  Hailee Bass and Sheylla Romero
Warren and Agnes Thomas Memorial Scholarship:  Jade Weber
Thomson Scholarship:  Deep Patel
Joseph J. Tomalis Scholarship:  Samantha Warner
UGI Utilities, Inc. Trustee Scholarship:  Mason Natalini and Richard Warnkin
UGI Utilities, Inc. Open Doors Scholarship:  Khush Mistry, Halle O’Neil and Ronald Renfer
United Gilsonite Laboratories Scholarship:  David Stoshick
Wells Fargo Bank Scholarship:  Zamarra Vrabel
John and Helen Villaume Memorial Trustee Scholarship:  Gabrielle Peck
Wafa Family Open Doors Scholarship:  Gregory Harrington and Jessica Kehl.
Wayne-Pike Penn State Chapter Scholarship:  John Rivera and Mutsuka Sumitomo
Carl and Lois Weinschenk Scholarship:  Monica Darjee
Dr. Stephen J. and Essie Weissberger Scholarship in Memory of Harry and Leah Weissberger and Sam and Irene Zilenchick:  Evan Kerrigan
H. Leigh Woehling Memorial Scholarship:  Stephanie Algar
WFWB Trustee Scholarship:  Sarah Marble and Isabelle Pehanick.
Penn State Scranton Alumni Society Open Doors Scholarship:  Dale Ignatovich, Darshan Patel, Savion Saunders and Taylor Smith.
Penn State Scranton Alumni Society Scholarship:  Daniel Davis and Sam Odeh
The Penn State Scranton Lion Ambassadors Scholarship:  Robert Salvestrini
Worthington Scranton Memorial Scholarship:  Eric Simonson
Joseph, Sr. and Catherine Zaydon Memorial Scholarship with their children Dr. Joseph, Jemille and John:  Andrew Bauer, Jessica Kehl and Kaitlyn Sweigart
Edna & Thomas F. Zenty Trustee Scholarship:  Taylor Saltkill-McRew
Thomas F. Zenty, III and Family Scholarship:  Teresa Allen, Kayla Drutherosky, John Evans, Kierstyn Ganz, Collin Griffiths, Olivia Maikranz, Alexis Tanana, Sadaf Sediqi and Jade Weber
Thomas F. Zenty, III and Family Open Doors Scholarship:  Kendra Jordan, Khush Mistry, Aayushi Patel and Kunj Patel.

The following scholarships were created by individuals who have made a five-year commitment to fund scholarships at the official amount required by the University for this purpose.

Julius “Butch” Barnauskas Memorial Annual Scholarship:  Layla Barron
Dr. Darlene Ann Dunay Scholarship:  Fernando Larrea
Anne and George Grancey Memorial Scholarship:  Thomas Lewis
Clare M. Finnegan Scholarship:  Patrick Donvito and Om Patel
Steve Jones Scholarship:  William Leety
The Kato Family Scholarship:  Alexis Colasurdo
Luciani Family Scholarship:  Fagr Mahana
Mike Rhoades Scholarship:  Sophia Birtel
Donald Tates Memorial Scholarship:  Matthew Arnold

Other gifts in support of scholarships are offered as follows:

Craig and Cherie Fox Gift of Scholarship:  Samantha Warner
Dunmore Lions Club Gift of Scholarship:  Carl Boone and Vincent Tanana
Jack Jones Memorial Gift of Scholarship:  Brianna Graff
Erich Kurash Memorial Gift of Scholarship:  Justin Clark
R. William Lee, Jr. Gift of Scholarship:  Charles Benedict and Emma Winters
E.J. Long Family Gift of Scholarship:  Molly Morgan
Gift of Scholarship in Honor of Nicole Lynn:  Catherine Barbosa
The Knowing Nightingale: Linda McAndrew Memorial Gift of Scholarship:  Gabriella Schmidt
The Lady with the Lamp:  Linda McAndrew
Memorial Gift of Scholarship:  Grace Rosecrans
Catherine & Timothy McIlhenny Gift of Scholarship:  Kierstin Kenedy and Sheylla Romero
McNamara Sisters Scholarship:  Saige Duncan
Gift of Scholarship in Memory of Judge James Munley:  Yusef Kamal
Richard A. Jr. and Christine R. Ostroski Family Gift of Scholarship:  Charles McAvoy
Class of 2018 Mary Runco Memorial Gift of Scholarship:  Elizabeth Kozy
John R. and Maureen J. Pesavento Penn State Scranton Gift of Scholarship:  Jennifer Kuniegel
Gift of Scholarship in Honor of Verna Saleski:  Grace Ursich
Sanofi Pasteur Gift of Scholarship:  Katrinia Concepcion, Briana Dawkins, Lynette Guaba, Deasia Hoop, Kelly Varcoe and Khalil White
Barnes & Noble Presidential Scholarship:  Emily Hawley, James Liparulo and Michael Samony
Penn State Scranton Alumni Association Trustee Scholarship:  Quinise Armstrong
Penn State Scranton Trustee Scholarship:  Khush Mistry and Nicole Nafus