Campus Photo Requests

Not every photo request can be honored, but submitting a request in advance of your event will help Strategic Communications to allocate resources and prioritize photography that aligns with, and furthers, the college's marketing objectives.

Due to limitations on time and resources, photo requests will be fulfilled based on the ability to use the photo in ways that meet the University's brand guidelines.

Please give a minimum of 2 weeks notice prior to when you need the photo taken and definitely contact our office with any questions or concerns about your photo request.

In the event that your request does not meet these requirements, you or another party are welcome to take photos for your own use and to submit to Strategic Communications for possible use.

If photos are requested for marketing uses or official uses, or are large-scale events/areas, a professional photographer may be suggested. 

Last minute photo requests (i.e., "something is happening now and I need a photo," cannot be guaranteed and are not advised; exceptions may be made if there is staff availability, but the individual should be aware that they may be turned down or have to make other arrangements.