Course Design

Course Design

Hybrid and Online Course Design


The Scranton Center for Instructional Design will work with you to design your hybrid, "flipped" or online course, using research based methods and Penn State quality guidelines

We work with the Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence, Education Technology Services and other instructional designers across the University to produce the best possible courses with you for our students.

The design process starts with your course proposal and approval. Using instructional design models, we help you with your course goals, objectives and outcomes, as well as your course outline. Then, we help you with content creation, including production of new materials or adaptation of existing materials.

The ultimate objective is to help you provide a highly interactive learning environment for your students, with learning outcomes and activities clearly stated and implemented.  Call or stop by the Center for Instructional Design to learn more about how we can help with your classes.  We look forward to seeing you!


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