Graduate Non-Degree Applicants

Non-degree Student

Applicants who do not intend to pursue a graduate degree or post-baccalaureate/graduate certificate at this time but want to take graduate-level courses for personal enrichment, professional development, or later want to apply for degree status, may seek admission as a non-degree student.

Non-degree students are not eligible to receive fellowships or graduate assistantship. Preference for courses is given to degree students. Programs may control access to some courses.

Non-degree Admission

Admission as a non-degree student does not guarantee admission to a graduate degree or certificate program. A new application and a new application fee are required for a graduate non-degree student who later wishes to apply for a graduate degree or post-baccalaureate/graduate certificate program.

Applicants choosing to enter Penn State as a graduate non-degree student must be aware that no more than 15 credits of course work accumulated in non-degree status may count toward a graduate degree.

In general, non-degree applicants are not required to submit transcripts; however, under certain circumstances and depending on the chosen campus location, non-degree applicants may be asked to submit transcripts.

Non-degree Application Details:

Major is non-degree

Graduate Degree is none

Campus location is SN

  • Review your application
  • Submit your application

There is a $30 application fee for Graduate Non-Degree applicants.