Graduate Courses for Teachers

Postbaccalaureate Credit Courses for Educators

Does your school district require you to pursue professional development or a graduate degree? Are you looking for Act 48 credits in your particular educational focus?  Penn State University serves teachers and educators across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with diverse graduate course options ranging from workshops to online and in-class instruction.

Penn State is an approved provider for both credit and noncredit programs for educators. Our diverse offerings, locations, and delivery modes can help you meet Act 48 requirements.

You can also work towards a Mathematics Coach endorsement. In addition, many of our graduate courses transfer into Penn State Harrisburg’s online Master of Education in Teaching and Curriculum program

Postbaccalaureate Offerings - Credit Courses for Fall 2023

Fall Session - to be determined

EDUC 484: School Law for Teachers

This course will focus on increasing teacher awareness of law and how it impacts daily performance and job security. Serves as an examination of federal and state school law for teachers and educators, addressing legal issues that affect the operation of public schools K-12. (3 credits)

CI 405: Strategies in Classroom Management

This course has been designed to engage students in an in-depth examination of the process of creating and sustaining a classroom learning community that fosters and enables success for all children. Emphasis is placed on understanding a variety of theoretical models of classroom management as well as observing and studying individual children to develop a better understanding of their needs. The result should be the development of a coherent set of beliefs concerning the creation of classroom learning environments that support learners and meet their individual needs. (3 credits)

With courses delivered remotely through a combination of Zoom class sessions and online assignments, this is the perfect time to upgrade your professional qualifications right from the comfort and convenience of your own home. So sign up for a course today!

Please contact 570-963-2509 or email [email protected] for information.

How to Apply:

Non-degree seeking applicants who want to take graduate-level courses for personal enrichment, professional development, or later want to apply for graduate degree status, can seek admission as a non-degree student in order to register for these classes.

Apply as a non-degree student - print form and email/scan to [email protected]

Note: The University reserves the right to cancel courses due to insufficient enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances.

Considering a master’s degree program?

The core courses of Penn State Harrisburg’s 30-credit Master of Education in Teaching and Curriculum are delivered online. Why not take a course with an “EDUC” prefix, as it may transfer into the program as an elective?