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Biology Degree

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B.S. Degree in Biology

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology is designed to provide a broad background in the biological sciences. The degree allows students to become familiar with both the theory and practice of science. It can help prepare students for a variety of careers in biological, health, and environmental sciences. The degree can also be tailored to meet the specific requirements of professional programs such as medical, dental or pharmacy schools; or graduate study in the life sciences.

After completing foundation courses in biology, chemistry and physics, students will pursue upper-level academic study in each of the following disciplines: ecology, plant and fungi, evolutionary biology, genetics, animal physiology, and practica.

The Biology degree prepares students for a variety of careers in the biological sciences, as well as entry into graduate school and health professional school. Students also have the ability to minor in subjects such as Business, Information Sciences Technology, or Psychology to prepare themselves for biology-related careers such as pharmaceutical sales or data management.  Students majoring in other fields will also be able to minor in Biology.

Suggested Academic Plan: Biology, B.S.

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