Answers for Parents

Answers for Parents

Parents of prospective students are very important to us. 

Select a topic below to view questions most commonly asked and information most frequently requested from parents.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact Admissions.  

Parent Questions on Applying for Admissions

Q. How can I arrange a campus visit/tour?

A. Penn State Scranton hosts several open houses and information sessions throughout the year, where students and families can learn more about Penn State, the admission process, financial aid, majors and more.  Students and parents can also schedule individual appointments with Admissions Counselors.  View and register for upcoming events or contact Admissions.

Q. How and when does my child apply?

A. We recommend that applications for first-year admissions be submitted by November 30th. Applications will be accepted after that and will be evaluated in a rolling fashion.    Transfer applicants should submit their applications as soon as possible prior to the semester that they plan to enroll.  Late applicants may be at a disadvantage to financial aid and scheduling.  Apply online now.

Q. What factors are considered when reviewing my child's application?

A.  For first-year freshman, 2/3rds of the admission decision is based upon the high school grades and courses and 1/3rd is based on a combination of factors including SAT or ACT scores, activities, awards and honors.

Transfer admission criteria may vary depending on major and campus.  For most programs a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative college grade point average is required to be eligible to apply.  View transfer requirements and transfer credit information.

Q.  What is the minimum high school grade point average and SAT or ACT score for admissions?

A. There is no minimum high school GPA or standardized test score required for admissions.  Consult our chart of the students we accepted last year to get an estimate of your eligibility if you're a first-year student. 

Q. How is my child notified about the admission decision?

A.  Applicants may continuously check the status of their application online through their My Penn State Account, which they created when they submitted the online application.  If they did not apply online, they can still create a My Penn State Account.  In addition all students are notified through the mail regarding the outcome of the application evaluation.

Q. What is Penn State Scranton's SAT code?

A.  2660

Q. What is Penn State Scranton's ACT code?

A. 3656

Q. Can my child start and finish a degree at Penn State Scranton?

A.  Sometimes.  We offer several bachelor and associate degree programs that can be completed at the campus.

Q.  If my child starts at Penn State Scranton, can they complete their degree at University Park in State College?

A.  Although students can complete several bachelor degree programs at our campus, most students will complete the first two years of the program here and then transition to University Park or another Penn State campus to finish the degree program.

Q.  How does my child transfer from Penn State Scranton to another Penn State campus?

A. At the end of the sophomore year most students work with their academic advisor to submit the paperwork to request formal entry into their major for the start of the junior year.  At this time, Student Activities assists students with the future transition to the new Penn State campus.

Q. Can my child live on campus?

A. Penn State Scranton does not provide housing to students.  Some students rent privately owned apartments in the local area. Contact Student Activities at 570-963-2700 for information on searching for apartments.

Parent Questions on Costs and Financial Aid

Q. What does it cost to attend Penn State Scranton?

A. Penn State offers an excellent value for a quality education with a worldwide reputation for excellence.  Tuition rates and fees are established each year in July.  You may calculate the most accurate tuition for your child online.

Q. How do I find out if my child is eligible for financial aid?

A. To be considered for student aid (grants, loans, work study) students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Some University and private scholarships may also require a completed FAFSA.  We recommend that first-year freshmen and their parents submit the FAFSA by mid February.  Each year returning students should fill out a FAFSA by mid April.

Q. What is Penn State Scranton's FAFSA code?

A. 003329

Q. If we own a house in Pennsylvania, are we eligible for in-state tuition?

A. To qualify for in-state tuition, your family needs to reside in Pennsylvania.  Owning a house in Pennsylvania alone does not qualify a student for PA residency tuition.  To change your child's status from ou-of-state to in-state, you will need proof of residency, including PA income tax and Federal income tax forms for the most current year.

More information on Residency for Tuition Purposes.

Q. Where can I get help regarding my child's tuition bill?

A. Questions concerning a Penn State Scranton student's tuition, refund or payment are referred to the Business Office at 570-963-2514.

Parent Questions on Student Services and Support

Q. Is help available if my child is having trouble in class?

A. The Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) at Penn State Scranton is a resource for students who are having difficulty with a particular course, as well as for students who aim to maintain a high academic standing.  The DUS provides information and academic enrichment for all students seeking assistance in writing, mathematics, science and nearly all other courses offered.

Q. How does my child make sure they are taking the right courses for their major?

A. All students enrolled in a degree program are assigned an academic advisor who helps the student understand which courses are required to complete their major.  Students should schedule regualr visits with their advisor to amke sure they are staying on track and particularly if they are thinking about adding or dropping a course or changing majors.

Q. Who can my child contact if they experience difficulties such as depression and stress?

A. Penn State Scranton offers psychological counseling services to students.  Contact Student Services at 570-963-2690 to learn more about these services and how to access them.

Q. Whom should we contact to discuss disability issues/services?

A. Penn State Scranton offers accommodations to students with learning and/or physical disabilities.  to find out more about these services and how to access them contact Student Services at 570-963-2690.

Q. How can my child find out about internships and jobs/careers?

A. Penn State Scranton's Career Services assists students with exploring careers and finding and securing internships and jobs.  They host career fairs on campus each year as well as several workshops on resume writing and interview skills.