Honors Program

Mission of Honors Program at Penn State Scranton

The Honors Program at Penn State Scranton is a learning community of students who have demonstrated a commitment to scholarship and distinguished themselves through high academic achievement in various academic programs. The Honors community, in partnership with faculty, staff and other stakeholders, seeks to:

  • Explore sources of knowledge beyond the standard curriculum while maintaining the highest standards of excellence in all academic endeavors.
  • Develop both interdisciplinary and global awareness, leading to the ability to understand and collaborate with individuals having different intellectual and cultural perspectives.
  • Actively engage with diverse college and local communities in the discovery and application of knowledge to benefit these communities.
  • Conduct all activities with the highest standards of personal integrity
smiling student with quote: "The Honors Program here at Penn State Scranton is great.  I definitely made the right choice coming here."

Objectives of the Honors Program

In order to enact the mission statement, the Honors Program at Penn State Scranton has adopted the following objectives so that each honors student will:

  • Develop and implement a rigorous program of study that will include the opportunity for enhancing personal creativity.
  • Incorporate an interdisciplinary perspective within their program of study.
  • Seek to develop an understanding of cultural differences inherent in, but not limited to, international relations.
  • Seek out co-curricular opportunities in collaboration with School and College administrators that will enhance intellectual and interpersonal skills, including the ability to work well in teams and to take on leadership roles.       
  • Apply their knowledge and critical thinking skills while enhancing personal growth by seeking out campus leadership roles.  

Recognition of Honor Students at Commencement

In recognition of their academic achievement, honors students who participated in the honors program for three or more consecutive years wear white graduation sashes at commencement.

Yellow honor cords are worn by students participating in the program for two or more consecutive years.

 three students pictured wearing cap and gown and white honors sashes and yellow honors cords

Honors students pictured wearing white honors sashes and yellow honors cords at Commencement 2019, from left to right: Kyle Franceski, Cheyenne Tussel, and Nicholas Kremp.

Credit: Penn State