PSU Law Accelerated Bachelor’s/J.D. Program

Fast-track your legal career.

The Penn State University/Penn State Law Accelerated Bachelor’s/Juris Doctor program gives outstanding Penn State undergraduates the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree and J.D. in a compressed time frame, helping to fast-track a legal career.

Penn State undergraduates may apply to begin the J.D. program at Penn State Law prior to the completion of their undergraduate degree.

What is the Accelerated Bachelor’s/J.D. program?

A program that allows PSU undergrads to start law school early and use law school courses to complete their undergraduate degrees. 

The Accelerated Program does not reduce the time or credits required to earn a law degree. 

Why should I consider it?

  • To save time and possibly money, and start law school early.
  • Start your 1L year and complete 2 degrees in a compressed timeframe!

Who is eligible?

Penn State undergraduates in any major and from any campus. 

What are the requirements?

  • Minimum 60 college credits to apply
  • Offer of admission to the JD program at Penn State Law in University Park
  • Completion of 75% of credits required for your undergraduate degree at time of law school enrollment
  • Completion of all gen. ed. requirements at time of law school enrollment

How do I get started?

  •  Talk with your advisor about which law classes your program may accept in place of undergrad classes
  • Submit your application to Penn State Law in University Park
  • If admitted, with your advisor, finalize your plan to complete your undergraduate degree with law school courses

How can I learn more?