About the Center

About the Center

What is the Center for Instructional Design?


The Scranton Center for Instructional Design provides students, faculty and staff with technical and creative support for teaching, learning and administrative tasks.  We help faculty design, develop and deliver face-to-face, hybrid, “flipped” and online courses.  We also provide information technology training for students, faculty and staff.  

The Center for Instructional Design is part of our campus Information Technology Support department.

 Instructional Design Center

How can an Instructional Designer help me?

An instructional designer can help you:

  • Apply teaching strategies for your specific learning environment and requirements, whether it be face to face, hybrid/blended or fully online instructional delivery
  • Develop learning objectives and determine their alignment with desired assessment strategies for the desired learning outcomes
  • Increase learner collaboration through the use of group activities and communications technologies
  • Learn the many technology tools available to our Penn State community
  • Select the technology best suited to the type of learning and course delivery method(s)
  • Adapt or help produce the best instructional materials for the desired course methodology and outcomes
  • Answer student questions about technology use in courses and labs
  • Additionally, our Information Technology Services department can help you with any technology or pedagogy related questions you may have.

What is Instructional Design?

Instructional Design is the systematic planning, production, delivery and assessment of meaningful educational content as provided to learners. 

What is an Instructional Designer?

An Instructional Designer is an education professional who has been trained in applying pedagogy and technology in the development and evaluation of student learning materials. 

Instructional Design Development Process:

Process diagram


Center for Instructional Design Blog:

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