Student Activity Fee

Student Activity Fee

History and Background

The University Board of Trustees approved a $25 per semester student activity fee at the September 1995 Board Meeting. The fee was assessed beginning with the fall 1996 semester. In the spring of 1998, with the approval of the students as appropriately organized at each Penn State location, the Chair of the Student Activity Fee Board (SAF Board) went forward to the President of Penn State with a proposal for raising the fee in accordance with the wishes of each location. The Board of Trustees passed the proposed increases as presented for each location. An inflation adjustment of $1 per semester was made in the spring of 1999. Each year thereafter, the fee has been adjusted to account for inflation and to provide additional support for programs.

The purpose of the fee is to provide funds to improve the co-curricular environment for
undergraduate and graduate students.


The Student Activity Fee Committee of Penn State Scranton is as follows:

  • Director of Student Affairs (chair)
  • Student Government Association President(co-chair)
  • Faculty member (as chosen by chair and co-chair)
  • Staff Member (same as above)
  • Six students enrolled at the Scranton Campus

The members are chosen and notified at the end of the Spring Semester and are called in for an informational meeting during the summer break. The students chosen although not members of the Student Government Association, are chosen based on GPA and leadership roles that they may have taken during the previous year. The minimum GPA requirement for students to be part of the committee is a 2.5.

Regular meetings are held on a bi-weekly basis in a designated posted area. Minutes are taken at each meeting by the co-chair and distributed via a mailbox which is outside of the Student Government Association's Office. Decisions are made by the attending members of the committee with approvals, rejections and/or more time needed for a request, will be sent to the initiator of the SAF Request.


All requests are submitted no later than one week before the meeting. Submissions are placed in an inbox that is also outside of the Student Government Association's Office or are delivered to the chair who then places it into the inbox. Members are encouraged to take the requests from the inbox so that they have at least one week to review prior to the meeting. Requests must be submitted and approved prior to the date of the event as no funding will be available for retro active events.

Funds are accessed by the person submitting all bills to the Office of Student Activities in a timely manner per event. If the bill is in excess of the approved requested amount, it needs to be resubmitted to the SAF Committee prior to the event.