2016 Undergraduate Research Fair Winners Announced

Students from a variety of disciplines and academic programs presented their research and creative projects at this year's Tenth Annual Undergraduate Research Fair. 

A total of 94 students presented more than 60 projects and research posters at the event, which is sponsored by regional drug maker Sanofi Pasteur.

The event, which is open to the public, drew a crowd of over 100 indivdiuals.

Students from a variety of disciplines displayed projects that ranged from Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) topics to creative writing and interpersonal relationships.

Project topics ranged from The Vulnerabilities of Social Media by Jeff Penetti and John McDonough to Predictors of Leadership  by Elizabeth Edgar, to Palliative Care Services in Advanced Heart Failure Patients, by Kiernan Riley.

Each year, students and their faculty advisors choose specific topics/hypotheses to research. They conduct their research throughout the academic year, and then reveal their results and findings in project summaries and analyses that are showcased at the research fair.

Winners are chosen in each academic category, and then three overall winners are chosen.

This year's categories and winners were:


First place (tied):  Victoria Mandarano and Courtney Osborne; faculty advisor: Paul Perrone

Second place:  Courtney Osborne; faculty advisor: Paul Perrone


First place: Eric Zielinski and Joelle Sweeney - A Graphic History; faculty advisor:  Dr. Kelley Wagers

Second place:  Kiernan Riley; faculty advisor:  Dr. Michael Evans


First place:  Jason Cruz and Harsh Patel - Ransomware; faculty advisor:  Marilee Mulvey

Second place:  Jeff Panetti and John McDonough - The Vulnerabilties of Social Media;
faculty advisor:  Marilee Mulvey


First place:  Zach Carling, Nick Arnold and Ben Szuch - Alternative Webdesign Using a Content Management Suite; faculty advisor:  Dr. Alan Peslak

Second place:  Robert Butsko, Steven Feng, Timothy Granata and Lucas Slavik - The Internal and External Basics of Databases; faculty advisor:  Dr. Alan Peslak

MATH/SCIENCE - Category #2

First place:  Glenn Slick - Synthesis of Azo Compounds Used as Heavy Metal Indicators; faculty advisor: Dr. Jiyoung Jung

Second place: Glenn Slick - A Comparison of Leukocyte Counts, Haemoproteus Prevalence and Mass Between Male and Female White-Throated Sparrows; faculty advisor:  Dr. Meg Hatch

SOCIAL SCIENCE - Category #3

First place:  Sherry Miller and Jennifer Kokinda - Parental Investments and Relationship Stability Between Mothers and New Partners; faculty advisor:  Dr. Ray Petren

Second place:  Elizabeth Edgar - Predictors of Leadership; faculty advisor:  Dr. Laura Nathans