Prudential Financial Sponsors 2006 Mentors

The Penn State Worthington Scranton Mentor Program marks 15 years this semester and Prudential Financial will serve as community sponsor once again this year.

Penn State Worthington Scranton's Mentor Program 2006 links campus honor students with Penn State alumni and friends throughout our community who are working in the students' respective fields of interest.  This spring Penn State Worthington Scranton students will be learning about information technology, marketing, civil engineering, biochemistry, English, psychology, social services, nursing, teaching and philosophy.

"Prudential employees have served as mentors for several years now," said Gavin Cerco, Prudential Financial vice president for client services. "We are excited about the Penn State Mentor Program and are honored to support it again this year. We believe it's vital that students have the opportunity to explore career options while still in college. This great program is an ideal way for Prudential Financial to support our entire community through this innovative Penn State Worthington Scranton effort."

Several Penn State locations across the state have used the Penn State Worthington Scranton Mentor Program as a model for similar efforts. The Penn State Alumni Association has recognized it for excellence. Since its inception nearly 350 students have taken the opportunity to explore careers with the assistance of local professionals.

Penn State Worthington Scranton's Mentor Program 2006 includes honors students Lawrence Gaik, Clifton; Steven Chimel, Clarks Summit; Olga Guentko, Hawley; Marc Onder, Lake Ariel; Brent Hoban, Lake Ariel; Jennie Havenstrite, Gouldsboro; Stephen Koytek,  Moosic; Julia Hawley, Nicholson; Vanessa Caparo, Moscow; Kathleen Parlanti, Clarks Summit; Allasondra Evans, Falls; Kimberly Jones, Old Forge; Sasha Holgate, Scranton and Andrew Xanthis, Scranton.

Community  mentors for 2006 include: Gregg Loboda, vice president for information systems, Prudential Financial; Michael Hanlon, director of information systems, Prudential Financial; Don French, vice president of marketing, Paper Magic; David Osborne, vice president of CECO Associates; John Havenstrite, mechanical designer, Greenman-Pedersen, Inc.; Peter Pettinato, DVM, veterinarian, Finch Hill Veterinary Clinic; Keith Williams, assistant district traffic manager, PennDOT; Jan Cheripko, author and teacher, The Family Foundation School; Marilyn Deutsch, Ph.D., clinical psychologist; Jennifer Janezic, quality control technician, Sanofi Pasteur; Joseph Daley, superintendent, Valley View High School; Wendy Simons, program manager, Kids Peace; Sara Camaerei, Psy. D., psychologist; and Todd Adams, associate professor of Philosophy, Penn State Worthington Scranton.