PSWS faculty to present paper at international education conference

Nursing instructor Michael Evans and reference librarian Tierney Lyons will present their research titled, Digital Storytelling: Ubiquitous Learning in Multimedia Technology in the Learning Management System at the Ireland International Conference on Education via teleconferencing on October 29.  Their paper will be published in its peer-reviewed proceedings.

The pair also recently presented to over 400 of their colleagues at the Medical Library Association's Quad Chapter Meeting in Baltimore, MD, and at the Geisinger Nursing Research Conference New Healthcare: A Collaborative Approach at Wilkes University.

Their investigation focused on whether digital storytelling would facilitate discussion outside the classroom and improve student engagement by enabling learners to create multimedia reflective narratives surrounding class objectives.

The study was conducted during Penn State Worthington Scranton's Summer 2012 introductory nursing research course. Findings from their 2011 pilot study will appear in the January 2013 issue of the refereed nursing publication, MedSurg Matters.

Data gathered indicate that digital storytelling increased the learners' perceived reflective thinking and engagement with the lessons. Students had a generally positive experience, even though they expressed frustration with the technology. By creating a digital dialog and including librarians in these online interactions, faculty can improve student outcomes.

Mr. Evans and Ms. Lyons plan on repeating the study this spring in the same course, adding mobile computing as a new variable.  Anyone interested in learning more can contact either Mr. Evans ([email protected]) or Ms. Lyons (
[email protected]).