PSWS nursing graduates take part in annual pinning ceremony

Nursing faculty at Penn State Worthington Scranton recently welcomed 49 new nursing graduates into the nursing profession during their annual pinning ceremony.

The "pinning" ceremony, an annual tradition at Penn State Worthington Scranton is a symbolic welcoming of newly-graduated nurses into the nursing profession.

Worthington Scranton nursing faculty presented the new graduates with Penn State's School of Nursing's official pin.

The pins are not a required part of any nursing uniform, however, in honor of tradition, most students will wear their pins after they graduate and begin working as professional nurses.

This year, Penn State Worthington Scranton graduated a total of 79 nurses. The 49 nurses that participated in the pinning ceremony, as well as 31 nurses who received their bachelor's degrees.

The new nurses pinned at Thursday night's ceremony were:

First row, left to right: Marian Wojnarowski, Joanne Huddy, Jordyn Kelly, Alyssa Fabi, Keren Khawaja, Ayu Parry, Ashley Krajewski, and Anna Torbenko.

Second row, left to right: Allison Miller, Kimberly Long, Kristin Woody, Christina Eboli, Lea Ann Fallon, and Colleen Silva.

Third row, left to right: Megan Davis, Sarah Schweinsburg, Richard Rudden, Angeline Wauren, and Kristen Lininger.

Fourth row, left to right: London Seigle, Patricia Snodgrass, Edress Abdul Latif, Elisabeth Cohn, Sarah Loych, Jennifer Carper, Bonnie Urzen, and Brittany Renzini.

Fifth row, left to right: Brittany Seigle, Amy Charnetski, Lilli Price, and Rachael Okafor.

Sixth row, left to right: Maryrose Krzemieniecki, Lynn Salvati, Deborah Howie, and Bhumika Amin.

Seventh row, left to right: Tara Bassi, Marissa Curtin, and Alyssa Antonio.

Eighth row, left to right: Julia Fox, Christina Tompkins,Stephanie Walsh, and Elizabeth Ziegler.

Ninth row, left to right: Lisa Zornow, Kelly Worozbyt, and Amber Gurke.

Tenth row, left to right: Nicole Chrysler and Lindsey Gorniak.

Missing from photo: Nicholas Chulock