Parking Policies



The Penn State Scranton campus has established the following traffic regulations in order to be consistent with the interest of both our Resident Education and Continuing Education programs and the welfare of the student body.

1. All provisions of the Vehicle Code of Pennsylvania and of University Regulations will be strictly enforced on the Scranton campus of the Pennsylvania State University.

2. For the purpose of these regulations, "STUDENTS" shall mean all persons enrolled for formal and informal instructional programs.

3. Every private vehicle brought on the campus by a student or by parents or others, for the students' use or convenience must be registered and display a parking permit.  Each such vehicle is subject to their regulations.

a. The student is responsible for knowing the regulations and for informing others who operate vehicles on campus in his/her behalf.

4. Any vehicle parked on campus shall be parked at the risk of the owner/operator.  The University assumes no liability.  Vehicles will park in authorized parking spaces only.



1. The Vehicle Registrar for students is located at the Department of University Safety.  For the convenience of our students, a registrar's representative is available in the Study Learning Center during orientation week, and after this period, in the Department of University Safety.

2. The parking permits issued to students shall be valid for parking in student parking areas only.  Certain areas are subject to restriction where posted.

a. Parking of bicycles and other vehicles will be specifically authorized in each individual case for parking where designated.

b. Physically handicapped students or students with special problems may apply for special parking privileges at the Department of University Safety or the vehicle registrar during the initial registration period.

c. The parking permit is valid for the fall and spring semester of that academic year.

3. When registering motor vehicles, the student must certify that it is insured for a maximum of $10,000 liability insurance, which must be maintained during the time the vehicle is registered at the Worthington Campus.  Cancellation or lapse of the insurance must be reported immediately and automatically voids the registration.

 NOTE:  The University does not imply that it considers a minimum of  $10,000 insurance sufficient coverage for all types of accidents, and  suggests that the car owner weigh the advisability of a greater  amount.

4. A student employed part-time by the University will continue to use a vehicle under these regulations.

a. Vehicles must be registered with the Department of University  Safety at no charge

5. Vehicles shall be registered with the Department of University Safety at no charge.


1. Any vehicle shall be considered parked if it is STOPPED OR STANDING in a NO PARKING ZONE or RESTRICTED ZONE.

2. Vehicles parking in excess of posted time limits shall be in violation.

3. Parking between 11:00 and 7:00 a.m. is not permitted without special authorization from the Department of University Safety.

4. Vehicles must park within designated spaces.  Motorcycles must park in the designated area.

5. The speed limit on all campus roads is limited to TEN (10) miles per hour.

6. All vehicles shall be brought to a full stop at all stop signs.

7. Vehicles shall give right of way to pedestrians at all times.

8. When driving in the student lots, observe the signs and drive on the right side of the roadway.

9. Do not take up two parking stalls by parking over the designated stall lines.

10. Parking and traffic regulations for students shall be in effect at all times.

11. Emergency changes in these regulations will be posted on the official student bulleting board in the Administration Building.


Permits are not transferable and may be used only on the vehicle for which issued.  The registrant is responsible for the permit after issue.

1. A permit must be displayed on the rear view mirror as illustrated on  the back of the permit.

2. Lost or missing permits must be reported to the Department of     University Safety as soon as possible and a replacement will be    issued.

3. Tampering in any way with the permit shall be a violation of these  regulations and shall be cause for disciplinary action.

4. When a vehicle displaying a permit is exchanged or sold, the person  in whose name the vehicle was registered is responsible for the  removal of the permit from the vehicle.  A replacement permit will be  issued for the remainder of the registration period.

5. Change of address or change of license plates must be reported to  the Department of University Safety.

6. The student owner (operator) of a registered vehicle bearing a current  permit sticker will be permitted to park a substitute vehicle.

7. Substitute vehicles shall be registered if vehicle is to be used for an  extended  period of time or if used frequently.


1. No Parking Zone          $15
2. Reserved Space  20
3. Visitors' Space  20
4. Loading Area   20
5. On Roadway   20
6. On Grass   20
7. On Walk   15
8. Blocking Parked Car 15
9. Blocking Access Road 15
10. Wrong Area   15
11. Double Parked  15
12. Using Two Spaces  15
13. Fire Hazard   20
14. No Permit or Sticker  25
15. Stop Sign Violation  25
16. Speeding   25
17. Reckless Driving  25
18. Permit or Sticker  
           Improperly Displayed 10
19. Handicapped Area  50
20. As Determined by
  Department of University Safety:

a. Curfew Violation
 First Offense          $  5
 Second Offense 10
b. Driving Too Fast
 For Conditions 25
c. Turning out lights
 To Avoid Detection 25
d. Using Old Ticket
 To Avoid Detection 25
e. Abuse to Police Officer 25
f. Handicapped  50

Violators shall be subject to penalties for parking and traffic violations as administered by the Department of University Safety.

All traffic fines are to be paid in the Business Office, 8 Dawson Bldg., between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The privilege of parking on campus may be revoked by concurrence between the Department of University Safety and the Director of Enrollment and Student Services.

The student has the option of appealing to the Student Traffic Court on any violation, provided such appeal is made within twenty-four hours of the time of the violation.

If there are any questions on parking, call the Department of University Safety at 2555 (on campus) or 963-2555 (off campus).


The University has four parking lots on campus and two at Grace Bible Church on University Drive for student use.