Penn State Scranton Listserve Guidelines

The electronic mailing lists were established for the purpose of disseminating university-related information to students, campus employees or subset.

Guidelines for the Use of the Penn State Scranton Listserves

Employee Listserve

The electronic mailing lists SN-ALL, SN-STAFF, SN-FAC are the designated Listserves for Penn State Scranton emloyees.

  • The Penn State Scranton unit follows Penn State Administrative Policy AD56 USE OF GROUP E-MAIL TO COMMUNICATE UNIVERSITY BUSINESS TO EMPLOYEES AND STUDENTS.
  • All lists are confidential. You should not publicly mention its existence, or forward copies of information you have obtained to third parties.
  • Only current employees of Penn State Scranton have access to the mailing lists. External organizations do not have access to the mailing lists, and current members of the list should not post to the list on their behalf.
  • Content of messages sent to the mailing list must be accurate. It is the employee's responsibility to verify the contents of the message.
  • All messages must uphold the Penn State Principles.
  • Content of the message must be pertinent to the operation of the campus. Messages regarding alumni events, retiree or other clubs, items for sale, and personal messages are not permitted.
  • Any employee mailing list may be moderated as circumstances warrant.

To request access to communicate through the Employee Listserves, please email Marilee Mulvey at [email protected]

Student Listserve

The Penn State Scranton student listserve is a great way to share important messages campus-wide! Postings include programs, events, campus announcements and information related to clubs and organizations or student activities.

  • Send email to [email protected]
  • Weekly campus events will be posted each Friday morning for the upcoming week as well as those special events which occur during the week.
  • No advertising or sales postings are permitted unless it is for a registered campus group or club.
  • Penn State Scranton faculty, staff, and students can post to the list by addressing your email to [email protected].
  • The message will be reviewed by the list editor and either posted or rejected with comment.
  • The number of postings per week should be kept to a minimum. Only one announcement per event will be approved to be posted immediately, otherwise the event will be posted as part of the weekly calendar.