Access Accounts

Your Penn State Account

What is a Penn State Access Account?

A Penn State Account is the means by which the University uniquely identifies you as a member of the Penn State community. Your Penn State Account is the means by which the University identifies you as an individual and manages your access to protected Penn State resources.  Your account includes the following:

  • A User ID (for example: jhs123).  This alpha-numeric ID, or user name, is the ID you’ll use to log in to Penn State computer resources such as lab computers, Penn State’s wireless network, and various Penn state websites and systems to which you have been granted access.
  • A PSU ID (for example: 945533519). This nine-digit numeric ID uniquely identifies you to the University, much the way a social security number uniquely identifies an individual to the U.S. government.  You may be asked for your Penn State ID to confirm your identity – for example, before resetting your password or taking an exam.  You will find your PSU ID on your id+ Card.  

Password for Your Access Account

Guard your password just as you guard your bank card PIN. Don't write it down or make it easy for someone to "crack." Don't share your password with others, as they would then have the opportunity to read your e-mail, see your grades, obtain your transcript, and forge e-mail and news postings from you.

See more information about choosing a secure password.