Formatting Your Resume

What is the best format for your resume?

There are a variety of formats. Ideally, your resume should emphasize your strong points while expressing your uniqueness and individuality.

Choose and arrange categories so that the most relevant information is placed where it will catch the reader's eye. Don't automatically copy a friend's resume just because it worked for him/her. Instead, read other resumes as sources of ideas for yours.

Best length for a resume

For most undergraduates, one page is the most common length, because they lack sufficient experience for two pages. Individuals with added experience and/or degrees may need a two - page resume to present the relevant details adequately. Resume length may also vary by career field; consult with professionals in your field and/or CDPS counselors.

Best paper and fonts to use for your resume

A professionally typeset resume is impressive and an asset if you can afford it. However, a resume prepared carefully with a good laser printer can be just as effective. Use good quality paper; a white or off- white shade is generally preferred.

What is a functional skills resume?

It is a type of resume, which emphasizes a person's relevant skills, usually in a separate section toward the beginning of the resume. This type of resume is especially useful when a person's degree and work experiences are not directly related to hi/her career objective. It allows the writer to highlight and detail relevant information in an eye - catching fashion. The skills heading is often placed immediately after the career objective. It might look like this:

Work related abilities and knowledge

Counseling Skills

  • Able to quickly establish rapport with children, either individually or in groups
  • Experience at empathic response method of play therapy with children from 3 to 12
  • Creative in designing behavior modification programs popular with parent and child for such problems as enuresis, nail biting, and tantrums.

Writing skills

  • Extensive background writing case histories and progress reports
  • Able to design creative program advertisements familiar with proper grant writing procedures

Program Planning

  • Creative at developing popular play programs that also incorporate educational objectives
  • Resourceful in adapting programs to special groups, such as blind, mentally retarded or physically challenged children
  • You may or may not want to include a listing of work experience information after this section. Descriptions of specific positions are not necessary, as they have been covered under the Skills headings. The other categories may also be included as described.