Presentation Instructions

Presentation Instructions

There are some important guidelines when presenting your project:


  • Dress professionally.
  • Be present at your project. Posters without a presenter will not judged.
  • Prepare a five-minute oral presentation describing your project to the judges or other interested guests.
  • Presentation must not exceed five minutes; judges will be instructed to observe this time limit. Note: A videotape or demonstration cannot be submitted for the discussion.
  • Description should be clear and concise, and should include the major points presented on the poster.
  • In cases where the student worked with collaborators, including his or her adviser, the presentation should clearly describe the student's role in the overall project.


  • There will be no formal workshop on poster presentations but students are strongly advised to discuss the format with their project advisers.
  • Posters may be printed in 3' by 4' sheets on the plotter printers in the Dawson main computer lab (room 115) or in Dawson 119.  For space reasons, posters MUST BE in a portrait format (36 inches width, 48 inches length).
  • Students submitting creative works, such as poems, should submit them on an 8 ½" x 11" paper using 14 or 16 sized font.

Special Requirements:

  • Students who need special equipment (such as a computer) will be accommodated to the best of our ability; but it is up to the student to make us aware of this need as soon as possible.
  • A computer will NOT be allowed in the poster presentation unless it is actually necessary (such as projects that involve development of a computer program).
  • Students are required to generate a poster for their presentation but may use additional equipment (such as laptop computer) to actively demonstrate software programs as part of the presentation.
  • Students may not use a computer simply to enhance the presentation of material that can be adequately displayed on the poster.

Students who wish to keep their projects should take them down at the end of the fair and take them away.

Detailed instructions on creating posters