Invent Penn State

Penn State Worthington Scranton received a $50,000 Invent Penn State grant to establish a pre-incubator in the city of Scranton’s South Side as part of an ongoing neighborhood revitalization effort. 

The campus is establishing a technology-rich, welcoming entrepreneurial environment that will: provide educational and technical support for aspiring entrepreneurs; help launch new, innovative businesses; and facilitate networking opportunities for faculty, professionals and students who are passionate about building a vibrant downtown community.

The Center for Business Development and Community Outreach

Penn State Worthington Scranton Receives $50,000 Invent Penn State grant

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Invent Penn State seeks to bring out entrepreneurial spirit across PA

PSU President Eric Barron on Invent Penn State

Envisioned as way to leverage the University’s size and broad research strengths to help drive job creation, economic development and student career success, Invent Penn State debuted with an introduction by President Eric Barron in January 2015. As part of Barron’s announcement, the University committed $30 million to invest in economic development and student career success.