Information Technology Fee

Information Technology Fee

Your Information Technology Fee at Work

A wide-range of student technology services are paid for in total or partially by the Information Technology fee you pay each semester as a student at Penn State. Our computer labs and networks, classroom technologies and new services like our student multimedia lab are funded by the Information Technology Fee. Other university-wide services, like library services and web based training modules are also funded using this fee. For more information about how this fee is working to bring you the best technology services and resources, please see the web page at:

IT Fee Overview

Penn State Scranton has an IT Fee committee that advises the Chancellor on the use of the IT fee at the campus. If you are interested in participating in this committee, please email Marilee Mulvey, Director of Information Technology at

If you have suggestions for how the IT fee can be used to improve the academic environment at Penn State Scranton, please submit your ideas via the online form.