HDFS Professional Reviews

HDFS Professional Reviews

HDFS Faculty

HDFS Faculty

HDFS faculty members: Dr. Raymond Petren, Dr. Parminder Parmar, Dr. Janet Melnick, Dr. Melissa LaBuda

HDFS Professional Reviews

"NHS has worked with Penn State Scranton to provide Internship Opportunities for students in the Human Development and Family Studies Program for many years. The students that accept internships with our programs have a solid educational background and are eager to continue learning through the hands on experience they receive through their placement with NHS.

"The support that Penn State provides to their students and NHS is integral to the success of the internship experience.  Through this partnership with Penn State, NHS has hired several interns that have become excellent clinical staff within the programs.  We look forward to continuing to work together with Penn State in the future!"

Denise Stoneroad, M.S
Supervisor, Child and Adolescent
Partial Hospitalization Programs

"We have been taking interns from the HDFS program for at least 10 years. Every year the students excel more in their knowledge base.

I find the students to be well prepared for the work force and the population they have chosen to work in.  The students are friendly and do not appear to be concerned about the environments we send them in to supervise.

In my experience, the students can easily identify and relate their educational experience to their field work. They are properly prepared to begin their field experience and end their educational experience. More times than not, we hire the interns as TSS (Therapeutic Staff Support) or DD (Developmentally-Delayed) workers.

Dr. Melnick is always open to comments, keeps a close eye on the students and genuinely cares that the students are learning along with having a positive experience in their placement. It is a pleasure to work with PSU's HDFS program in addition to Dr. Melnick."

Jackie Moase, LSW
Clinical Director
Youth Advocate Program
Community Based Services
Peckville, PA


"The HDFS program at Penn State Scranton was instrumental in preparing me for agency work. From the classroom to the capstone internship, the program provided a broad range of knowledge and experiences that allowed for an overall excellent student experience.

I have been working at the same agency for ten years, and it is the same agency where I had my internship. In that time, we have hosted a number of HDFS students as interns, and some of them are now my colleagues. This relationship has worked out well for both my agency and Penn State.

If you are interested in working in the human service field and/or moving on to graduate school, I would highly recommend the HDFS program as an option."

Robert Fox
IL Specialist-Peer Mentor
Northeast Pennsylvania Center for Independent Living
Scranton, PA