HDFS guest lecturer

HDFS Guest Lecturers

HDFS Guest Lecturers

HDFS Annual Workshop, March 19, 2018:

"Psychotherapy with the LGBTQ Population"

Guest speakers, Dr. Tiffany Griffiths and Sonya Wilmoth

Program Objective:

In this workshop, titled: "Working with People in the LGBTQ Community: Risk and Resilience"

Dr. Griffiths will be covering common issues that these populations face as well as what therapists need to do to provide affirmative therapy to these individuals. Some of the topics that will be covered include:

  • Affirmative versus Reparative Therapy
  • Examination of our own beliefs and the need for supervision and consultation
  • Heterosexism, Homophobia, and Internalized Homophobia
  • Common myths regarding the LGBTQ population
  • Ethical Guidelines in Treating the LGBTQ population
  • How the LGBTQ populations differ from heterosexuals in Erickson’s developmental stages
  • The coming out process
  • The Harry Benjamin Standards of Care in working with the transgender population.

About the Guest Speakers:

Dr. Tiffany Griffiths, HDFS 2018 Guest Speaker

Dr. Tiffany Griffiths, HDFS 2018 guest speaker, licensed clinical psychologist

Image: Penn State


Dr. Tiffany Griffiths is a licensed clinical psychologist who owns a group practice with locations in Dunmore, Clarks Summit, Kingston, Peckville, and Exeter, PA. She is a native of NEPA and did her undergraduate work at the
University of Scranton before moving to Chicago to receive her doctorate at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Griffiths specialized in diversity during her education and training at the Chicago Counseling Center and Loyola University, Chicago. Her dissertation was titled, “The Role of Religion and Spirituality in the Lives of Eight Gay Men: An Ethnographic Research Investigation.”

Dr. Griffiths was very interested in bringing her education and training experiences, particularly in the area of diversity, to the people of NEPA. In 2001 she began to work in private practice and since then her practice has grown to include 28 licensed clinicians who come from varied backgrounds with wide-ranging specialties.

Dr. Griffiths identifies as a humanistic psychotherapist, believing in the innate potential for human growth. It is her goal for her associates to provide an unconditional environment, which she strongly feels is most conducive to
achieving peace and happiness with one’s self; which, in turn, allows individuals to bring out into the world more of their best, authentic selves. Her approach is holistic and eclectic, emphasizing the wholeness of our individual experiences and drawing from multiple approaches to best fit one’s needs.


Sonya Wilmoth, HDFS 2018 Guest Speaker

Sonya Wilmoth, Assistant Director of LGBTQ Student Resource Center, Penn State University, Social Policy and the LGBTQ population

Image: Penn State


Sonya Wilmoth, Assistant Director of LGBTQ Student Resource Center, Penn State University, Social Policy and the LGBTQ population, has been at Penn State for four years. With a Masters in Administration, she is almost finished with a Masters in Higher Ed. Sonya is a member of the Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Professionals.