Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Access Account and how do I get one?

Answer:  A Penn State Access Account is a digital identity for students, faculty, staff, and designated affiliates of the University. The electronic profile grants permissions to users for protected online University resources and services. Access Accounts provide access to the University community at all times, while maintaining a high level of security.

Each person with an Access Account is assigned a unique username (called a user ID) of three letters paired with a series of digits (for example, xyz5002). A user ID is associated with only one individual and is never recycled. User IDs are used as a representation of an individual when logging in.

Your Penn State Access Account allows you to access technology resources like computers, library resources and the Penn State network. You will need to have an Access Account to use the computers on campus, to check grades, register for classes, or check books out of the library. For more information on the electronic account activation process, visit:

You can also see the IT Support Center staff in Dawson 116 for assistance.

How do I change my password?

Answer: You should change your password as soon as you receive your account. Go to the website:

I have another email address (e.g., on AOL). Can I forward my Penn State email to that account?

Answer: You can change your forwarding address at the website by selecting that option from the sidebar on the right side of the web page. Keep in mind that some of your instructors may require that you use your Penn State email address (and not your other email address) when submitting assignments. While you can forward your email, it is strongly recommended that you keep your Penn State email separate from other email accounts by using Office 365 (see checking your Penn State email below). 

My Access Account does not work. What should I do?

Answer: Double check that you are entering all information correctly, your Access ID is in lowercase letters and your password is case sensitive. If it still does not work, see the Information Technology Support Staff in Dawson 116 or call (570) 963-2551 for more information.

How can I check my Penn State email?

Answer: Office 365 is Penn State’s email client and can be accessed online at or through the Outlook desktop application. You will receive all emails sent to your University email address through Office 365.

What is Canvas?

Answer: Canvas is a learning management system. If your course is using Canvas, you can login by going to This is where you can find your course assignments, syllabi and other important information specific to the courses you are taking. You may receive email from your instructor in Canvas and you will also receive email from the university via Office 365, so be sure to check both places.

Can I install my own programs on the machines in the Computer Lab?

Answer: No. Because of copyright and licensing restrictions, students may not download and install programs on any Penn State University computer.

How can I save my work I do in the computer lab?

Answer: You can save your work to a CD or USB removable drive, or your  U: drive or PASS space, Box at Penn State, or Office 365 OneDrive.

Your U:\ drive holds up to 500 MB, the PASS drive up to 10 GB (size quota set at, Box at Penn State provides you with unlimited storage space, and OneDrive provides easy file sharing with fellow students, faculty and staff.

If you need help, see the Information Technology Support staff to investigate the best option for you.

How can I get a copy of my schedule, grades, or transcript? Can I pay my bill online?

Answer: You can access this information on line using LionPATH . You can access LionPATH from any computer in the computer lab, your home computer or from special LionPATH kiosks in Dawson 6 and Dawson 8.

You may also visit LionPATH with a mobile device, both Android and iOS are supported.

I have my own laptop. Can I use it on campus?

Answer: Yes. Students with laptops with wireless network cards can access the Penn State wireless network on campus. You will need to install the Penn State Wireless 2.0 software to gain access to the network. Assistance with setting up your computer to use the wireless network is available at the IT Support Center in Dawson 115/116 or at the web site

I heard that we could get free stuff. Where do I go for my free software?

Answer: Symantec Antivirus and other utilities are free for all Penn State students at  Microsoft Office is available at the Penn State Office 365 site.

Can I buy software through Penn State and get a better price?

Answer: Penn State operates its own store that offers student pricing on software. You can access the software store online at

Where can I get help for questions that aren't covered in this FAQ?

Penn State Scranton
Information Technology Support

Marilee Mulvey
Director, Information Technology

Robert Notari
System Administrator

Griff Lewis
Instructional Designer

Brent Pennington
Information Technology Support Specialist

Feel free to stop by Dawson 116 if you have any additional questions related to technology at Penn State Scranton. Our hours are usually Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm, but we are also available other times by appointment.