What is a U.Ed. number and do I need one?

U.Ed. Numbers are used to denote publications and marketing materials that have been properly reviewed, written, designed, prepared, and approved for use because they have met all of the University's standards for style, image use and content.

U.Ed. numbers come under the purview of the MarCom rep for each unit and must be sent to Strategic Communications before they are sent to print or distributed.

Only publications and marketing materials that have been approved by the MarCom rep or prepared by University Marketing and Advertising may receive a U.Ed. number.

In addition to the U.Ed. number, the document will also be edited for typos, grammatical mistakes, misspellings, etc., and these edits will be noted and need to be made before the document is printed.

This pertains to materials that are used to promote, inform, or recruit, and are directed primarily to external audiences.

Each MarCom rep maintains a U.Ed. number log to keep track of each U.Ed. number, who is handling the piece, where it is being produced/printed, and any other details about the piece that the rep would find useful to record.

U.Ed. Reference Lists

Examples of materials that NEED U.Ed. numbers:

  • Recruitment materials
  • Brochures
  • Flyers and postcards (including print and email) that will be distributed to external audiences
  • Posters (that will be displayed at off-campus locations)
  • Calendars
  • Schedules of events
  • Booklets
  • View Books
  • Invitations
  • Annual reports
  • Newsletters, catalogs, and magazines

Examples of materials that DO NOT NEED U.Ed. numbers:

  • Classroom instructional materials
  • Scholarly journals
  • Faculty papers/reports
  • Internal memorandum
  • Forms
  • Signage
  • Digital signs
  • Flyers/posters displayed only on campus

What do we look for when issuing a number?

  • The Penn State mark is used correctly
  • The accommodation and nondiscrimination statements are included and clearly visible
  • All URLs are correct
  • The document follows Penn State editorial guidelines
  • The document does not contain grammar or spelling errors

How to request a U.Ed. number

When a publication is finalized, e-mail a copy of your final document to Amy Gruzesky at: [email protected].

  • Please allow at least one week for the review of the document and issuing of a number.
  • When you receive the U.Ed. number, place this on your document following the nondiscrimination statement.

Non-Discrimination Statements

In addition, publications requiring a U.Ed. number also need to contain the University's non-discrimination statement. See a list of current non-discrimination statements